“Choosing a secondary school is a serious and important task. Schools are each unique. Matching a school’s values, culture, goals and approach to your individual needs, is not straightforward. It requires considered thought. I am sure that you realize that the values, beliefs and motivation of the principal directly influence each unique school culture. It is therefore important for you to have an understanding of who I am, and in what I believe.”

I was raised in Christchurch in a family which values humour, individuality, generosity, creativity and achievement. Our parents encouraged their children to be ‘free souls’. They tried not to manipulate, but to keep a watchful eye on our development. They wanted us to be ‘good people’ and to grow up without bias towards others; without bias of race or creed, of abilities or disabilities, of wealth or poverty. As a family we remain very close.
At Hillmorton we are working hard to create a real sense of community where diversity is valued. This teaches our young people to be tolerant of, to enjoy and even celebrate, our differences. It is these differences that make Hillmorton High School such a vibrant and exciting school, and a wonderful place at which to work and study. As Principal, I value the following: optimism, honesty, integrity and loyalty, tolerance for, and the celebration of difference, the pursuit of excellence and the firm belief that schools and, indeed, life should be full of fun, vitality and challenge.I also believe in setting high standards for myself, our students, and for those with whom I work.
I believe in consultation, but not to the extent that nothing gets done. Harnessing the abilities, strengths and knowledge of our staff, students, parents and our community will lead to success for our students.

My basic philosophy of education is based on the importance of goal-setting, learning from one’s mistakes and achievements, celebrating success and differences, and a willingness for all involved in education to question and critically review, in order to improve the quality of what we do. I believe that it is of the utmost importance to give our young people the opportunity to experience success and to learn about responsibility. At Hillmorton High School we develop in our students, a desire to learn, strong citizenship skills and a will to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Our talented staff at Hillmorton High School are passionate about education. Hillmorton High School provides an inclusive environment based on respect and caring.

Hillmorton is a school where the staff, together with the students, their families, the Board of Trustees, and the wider community, are indeed “creating better futures.”

  Ann Brokenshire