We sent three teams of cheerful, enthusiastic and intelligent historians to the annual Year 11 History Quiz at Christ’s College.

The teams went to Christ’s College and competed in strange and interesting questions and quizzes. 

There was about 25 school teams from around Canterbury with most Christchurch high schools represented. 

A highlight of the night was some of the individual rounds where Wen Seng, Jamie and Connor all backed themselves in front of the crowds of people to correctly answer obscure historical puzzles. 

The teams were made of Jamie Hogan, Isla McDonald, Jarred Bowden and André Burgham another team was Wen Seng Chen, Josh Reinke, Jade Hemi and Azriel Taylor. The final team was Isabela Blanco-Nieto, Connor Crisp and Josh Fraser-Young.

The team of Jamie, Isla, Jarred and André excelled and came third overall behind Christ’s College and Burnside High School. The other two HHS team finished in the middle of the pack. 

By Geordie Dann


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