We are very proud that our students exhibit our school value of whanaungatanga when in public as well as here at school.

We are a diverse community and our students have learnt to embrace our differences where we can learn from and with each other.

Today I received an email from a doctor working at Christchurch Hospital:

“I am an emergency medicine specialist at Christchurch Hospital, and when I am doing a day shift I catch the orange bus down Lincoln Road. I am just writing to commend you on how polite your students are. They are always quiet, quick to stand to give up their seats to others, and all thank the driver when they get off the bus. Thank you for providing a positive learning environment that is growing friendly young men and women.”

Similarly, we held our senior school formal towards the end of Term 3 and our students’ behaviour and dress was outstanding. The students who organised the formal were complimented on being very professional. I received the following email from the venue’s Events and Administration Manager:

“We enjoyed hosting your formal and your students were a credit to the school. We would love the opportunity to host them again next year.”

Hillmorton High students are wonderful and I am very proud of them.

Ann Brokenshire, Principal 

By Jo Fitzgerald

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