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HHS International Department

Our mission is to Create Better Futures for all of our students.

Friendship at Hillmorton

Hillmorton High School attracts international students from around the world.

Our diverse and vibrant school culture is enriched by our international students.

The HHS International Student Programme has run for many years and is staffed by highly experienced, professional educators.

What makes HHS such a great school?

We are not too big and not too small

We are a caring community

We have strong values

Our students are wonderfully diverse!

“When I remember my time at Hillmorton, the first thing I think about is the great relationships that I had with my teachers – they really care

– recent student

Our School Goals

Learn at Hillmorton

The rigorous pursuit of academic success

Many international students bring with them a strong work ethic. This has a positive effect on many New Zealand students. We have a roll of only 750 students, and the finance gained from international fee paying students allows us to offer a broad range of subjects in the senior school, to meet the academic needs of our students.

Engage at Hillmorton

Celebrating community and diversity

Our international students along with our domestic students make our student population very diverse. We work hard to develop a community where respect for oneself and others is central. International students help us a great deal in achieving this goal.

Together at Hillmorton

Developing leadership

Both New Zealand and International Students are encouraged to play a leadership role especially in the senior school. In order to ensure that International students’ needs are met so that they can pursue academic success, we have a well resourced International department. The Principal has direct responsibility for International students and we employ a staff member who has much experience dealing with International Students. There is a Homestay co ordinator and each international student is also cared for by a whanau House Dean, a Deputy Principal and tutor. Each International student is placed in a small tutor group for their time at Hillmorton.

Courses to suit everyone…


Learn about

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Space
  • Agriculture and Horticulture

Students are encouraged to become informed citizens with a strong understanding of the world around them. They develop their scientific literacy and thinking skills through a variety of teaching and learning methods, including inquiry learning, collaboration, experiential learning and education outside the classroom. Science students have the opportunity to go on the senior Biology camp and a number of field trips to places such as local tertiary
institutions, Orana Wildlife Park, and the International Antarctic Centre. The Science Department also collaborates with other educational and professional groups to expose students to the variety of careers an education in Science can lead to.

Create your future with Hillmorton High School

Adventure at Hillmorton
  • Excellent facilities
  • A wide range of courses
  • Generous, park-like grounds
  • Extensive, extra-curricular activities
  • Personalised programmes of learning
  • A community school where students thrive
  • We value every student, we care for every student

Hillmorton’s size is “just right”. We have a roll of about 750 students across seven year levels (7 – 13).
International students receive personal attention on a regular basis; our dedicated International Department know our students well!

Our homestays are part of our community, and are a key part of our international students’ experiences.
We are big on diversity. Our students come from over 40 ethnic backgrounds!
Students experience a rich and vibrant multi-cultural community within the day-to-day life of our school.

Hillmorton High School is a Signatory to the Education Code of Practice 2016.
(Inclusive of  the Pastoral Care of International Students)