The summer sport season has flown by for our term 1 sport competitors with awesome results and a lot of laughter and fun!

Our junior girls indoor netball team have had a great start to their sport season and are over half way through the competition.  Last week both of our junior girls netball teams had convincing wins and have been showing great effort and attitudes on and off the court.  This team displays more than just ability, they have really come together as a group and have established friendships in this team environment. 

These girls are just one team of the many we have competing in our weekly Wednesday sporting competition.  This year we have seen our summer sports teams double, from 70 students involved last year (2018) to over 140 pupils this term alone. 

We have a range of sporting options running currently, including indoor netball, indoor football and touch rugby to name a few, but also ballet, swimming club and mountain biking. 

There are two more weeks of our weekly sport left for this term with games concluding on the 20th March.  We then move into our winter sport season and are anticipating a growth in numbers competing here too.  We currently have our senior basketball and netball teams engaging in pre-season training as well as our rugby teams being formed. 

If you are wanting more information on our sporting options please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our school website where you can find ‘Tigers Sport’ under the ‘About’ link. 

Thank you to all the parents and staff helpers who make sport happen here at school, and to our Principal, Ann Brokenshire and the Senior Leadership Team who not only support our mission to increase sport but pave the way to make it possible. 

– Gabby Thomas 

By Gabby Thomas


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