HHS students

Our Values and Goals

Creating Better Futures

Our School Values

Hillmorton High School is founded on three core values



Passionate Teaching and Learning



A Caring Community



Integrity, Honesty and Respect

Our School Goals

Hillmorton High School has three strategic goals

Academic Success

The Rigorous Pursuit of Academic Success

Achievement – the primary focus

Achievement is the primary focus at Hillmorton High School.  All students are encouraged to believe in their own ability.  Developing this potential so that our students achieve to the best of their ability, is the driving force at the school.

A culture of continuous school improvement exists, where achievement in broad terms – academic and social – is emphasized.


A broad and rich curriculum

Our Curriculum is broad, designed to meet the diverse needs of our school community. In the Middle School, Years 7 – 10, students are placed in classes appropriate to their achievement levels and needs. There are numerous opportunities for the high-achievers, a Learning Centre allows for interventions to help students at all levels, achieve their best.

In the senior school a wide variety of both academic and vocational courses are available. Students are able to multi-level study, choosing a course that best fits their individual learning needs.


All students will experience success

Our expectation is that all students in all classes, at all levels, will gain success.

Hillmorton High School provides the best possible education for its students by promoting quality teachers and teaching thereby providing opportunities for all students – leading to an engagement in, and success from, the challenges of learning.


Respect for others

We encourage respect for others in our society, and we are committed to building New Zealand as a worthwhile place in which to live and prosper.

At Hillmorton High School, we are a Professional Learning Community where we:

ensure all students learn

work collaboratively

focus on results

In this way, our students learn in an inclusive, authentic learning community which focuses on students’ individual and collective needs.

Diversity and Community

Celebrating Diversity and Community

A diverse school

Hillmorton High School is a diverse school in many ways; culturally, ethnically, socially and academically, and yet it is very much a community where our differences are celebrated.

We celebrate our background based on the Treaty of Waitangi with a bi-cultural focus preparing our students for participating fully in life in Aotearoa New Zealand with a sound understanding of our history.

As New Zealand itself is becoming increasingly multi-cultural, this is reflected in the cultural diversity of our school population.

All students’ ethnic backgrounds are celebrated and the school helps our young people to develop positive identity. Symbols of these diverse backgrounds can be seen around the school.


Specialist classes and services

Hillmorton High School has for a number of years, enjoyed and benefited from the presence of a number of international students who make Hillmorton their school of choice for study.

The Upland specialist classes are for students with severe multiple disabilities.  These students are supported in their programmes of learning both in mainstream classes and in the local community and bring with them a special diversity to our school.  We have high expectations for these students, as with all Hillmorton students.

We have satellite provision for students enrolled at Van Asch Deaf Education Centre. Students attend some classes with Hillmorton students, receive specialist support and have the opportunity to be involved in the wider life of the School.


A broad range of courses

We offer a broad range of subjects and activities at Hillmorton.  Students are able to be involved in such activities as ICAS and Cantamaths.   We celebrate culture and the arts where our students achieve excellent results.  Dance (Toi Kanikani), Drama (Toi Whakāari), Music (Toi Puoro) and the Visual Arts are offered as subjects, and student work is used as national exemplars.


Opportunities abound

Many opportunities are provided for student performances – J Rock, Stage Challenge, production, choir, Theatre Sports, involvement in Polyfest and Cultural festival to name a few

A broad range of sporting activities is also offered, with participation rates in inter-school sport being high. Students in Year 7 and 8 also enjoy participation in Hagley Sport, Koru Games and other sporting competitions that are provided for this level locally and nationally.

We aim to meet the varying interests and needs of a changing school population.


Developing Leadership and Independence

Students are empowered to lead

Leadership opportunities abound in a school this size.

The school has a commitment to servant leadership. Students at all levels, provide valuable leadership within the school in the form of service – a diverse range of activities is undertaken. At all levels there is a focus on encouraging students to become critical thinkers, and to develop the skills of independence and leadership.

We believe that our students should be empowered to have an effective say in the decision-making processes and the daily operation of the school.   Students are provided with opportunities to express their opinion on school matters, and they are consulted on decisions that affect them.


Opportunities to serve

Middle School and Senior Council

Both a Middle School and Senior Council provide vehicles for student voice, with direct involvement with members of the Senior Leadership Team. They are involved in a number of fundraising and service activities.


Whānau House Leaders

Each year, students are elected to become Whānau House leaders having a variety of responsibilities throughout the year.


Peer Support Leaders

While working to ensure a safe and caring environment, senior students have the opportunity to serve, and gain leadership experience as peer support for our younger students.


Board of Trustees – Student Representative

The student representative elected to the Board plays a vital and active role in the governance of the school.  The Board values the opinions and advice offered by the student representative, who is fully involved in all Board activities.


Student Voice Forum

Students, from any year level, have, on a regular basis, the opportunity to meet with school leadership to discuss and share ideas and concerns.  This sees students able to have a direct involvement in the decision-making processes that affect them here at Hillmorton.


Other roles

Working in the canteen, being guides, librarians, peer tutors, coaching, are just a few of the other roles that are essential to the smooth running of the school and that students regularly ably fulfil.


Awards Schemes

The school has awards schemes operating whereby students are recognized for their efforts:

Colours – Academic, Sporting, Cultural and Service – Senior

Whāia te iti Kaurangi Awards and Koru Awards – Academic, Cultural and Sporting and  Service –  Middle School