Our students from Upland held a very successful Market Day last week, they had a big response from students and staff and were able to raise funds for an end of year outing which is now in the planning process…

At my Market Day stall, I made biscuits that were chocolate weet-bix slices and my stall was called ‘Crumbling Delights’. I sold all of my products in less than ten minutes. I made the biscuits with Reece and Ngair along with mainstream students Zoe & Taylor, I hope everyone liked my biscuits…


We were trying to make slime but it didn’t work, it got all slimey! Instead Ngaire and I put big jelly beans in a jar and people had to guess how many were in there. Sophie S guessed right, there were 212 in the big jar so she won the jar, Reece was a close second in the guessing game….

Chantelle & Owen

At my stall we were selling cushions, wheat bags, and carry bags. I was selling them with Rueben and Natalie, it was fun. We made all our products with Ngaire…


Amber-Rose, Natalie and I made wheat bags and we called them ‘wacky wheatbags’. We sold them all and I managed the money, the day was very successful…


I made bikes and my stall was called ‘On Yer Bike’, I sold out of 16 bikes and we made $200 in total with all the stalls we held…


At my Market Day stall I created my Kaiju Dog Toys with Mary and Ngaire. We made the dog toys by putting tennis balls into fabric. We sold all the dog toys on Market Day…


Thanks for my new toy!!!


By Tracey Veale


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