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Sport is a key part in the lives of our students; the lessons learned in sport are invaluable for personal development.
Horomaka Tiger Sport programmes are designed to help students play to excel by developing:
a love of sport and healthy living
strong and enduring friendships
specific skills and specialist knowledge
a commitment to personal sporting excellence

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Tiger Sports programmes provide personalised mentoring and coaching for our talented sportswomen and sportsmen. Every student is interviewed for a place in our Tiger Sports Programme. Sometimes individualised programmes are more suitable and a one-to-one mentorship is offered.

Tigers Sport – Code of Conduct

Horomaka Tiger Sport endorses the Fair Play Charter of New Zealand as part of its school sports policy. To ensure Horomaka Tiger Sport’s reputation is maintained on and off the field all students, coaches, managers, parents & supporters must adhere to the following code of conduct.


The Code

To make sport enjoyable and rewarding.

To compete to the best of our ability with enthusiasm and fairness.

To respect the rules which govern the game and play by those rules on all occasions.

To accept and respect the role of the official always and to abide by decisions they make.

To respect the mana of our opponents and their supporters.

To value the spirit of sportsmanship and to accept victory and loss with respect and dignity.


A Horomaka Student/Player will:

Attend all trials, practices and meetings.

Arrive at games at the agreed time.

Play the game competitively, to win within both the spirit and the letter of the rules.

Accept and conform to all rulings by game officials.

Refrain from any conduct that in the opinion of the game officials render a player unfit to continue to play the game.

Be supportive of team members, coaches and officials.

Wear your school uniforms and colours correctly and with pride.

Take care of and respect ALL equipment.

Pay fees by the required date. If problems contact Sport Director in advance.

Behave in an acceptable manner demonstrating fair play behaviour at all times in accordance with this Horomaka Sport Code of Conduct.


A Horomaka Coach will:

Be a role model so as to inspire confidence.

Be reasonable in their demands on players.

Enhance and encourage the skill and performance of their team.

Praise and encourage good performance.

Be respectful of their team and oppositions ability as players.

Be firm and fair.

Encourage adherence to this Horomaka Sport Code of Conduct.


A Horomaka Manager will:

Be a role model as to inspire confidence.

Be responsible for the sound management and well-being for the good of their team.

Encourage the wearing of team uniforms correctly at all times.

Be supportive of Players, Officials and Supporters.

Encourage adherence to the Horomaka Sport Code of Conduct.


A Horomaka Supporter will:

Encourage all participants to play within the rules of the game.

Applaud the performance of both teams.

Be positive with the officials & acknowledge their efforts.

Let the players play their game, not your game.

Praise efforts, not results.

Display self-control on the side-line & set an example for the players.

Use appropriate and acceptable language.

Remember that nearly all coach/officials and administrators are volunteers.