9M Social Studies and PE/Health went on a scavenger hunt around town to discover how lively the CBD is and the effort community group initiatives make to bring people back to the revitalised city.

Charlotte Koers “Our 9M Winter Wander Trip was so much fun! Our key focus on the trip were community initiatives, cooperation & group work, re-invigoration and revitalisation of our city and the importance of art in our city.  It was really interesting to walk around our city centre and see how much it has changed since the earthquakes.  I felt it had really changed and it now feels like a modern/urban space that you can go morning, day or night, just for a look or to hang out with your friends and family.  Since the earthquakes, it is important that we bought back vibrancy to the city, and we have done this effectively by having unique art installations, giant games and a variety of shops.  Overall, our Winter Wander Trip was a memorable and an amazing chance to explore our recently revitalised city centre!”

By Geordie Dann


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