As Term Term came to an end, it was time to say farewell to four of our students, with Tarek and Thania returning to Chile, and Fabian and Marie returning to Germany.

The end of a term is usually a sad time for us as students finish their time at Hillmorton, and return to their home countries. At the end of Term Two we said ‘see you later’ to four students who had been with us since the beginning of the year; Tarek Ahuile and Thania Zagal Fernandez from Chile, and Fabian Pfeiffer and Marie Winter from Germany.

Tarek and Thania were part of the Penguins Without Borders scholarship programme between the Chilean and New Zealand governments, and were two of 17 students based in Christchurch schools.

Fabian and Marie were from Germany, and while sad to be leaving after a great five months here, were looking forward to heading home to warmer weather.

Fabian, Marie, Tarek and Thania, thank you for being part of Hillmorton in 2017 – we enjoyed having you at school and we wish you all the best for your future studies.

By Pam Hunt


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