At Swimming Sports Day this year we saw numbers double in participation! It was a joy to see all the students involved on the day, earning house points and having fun. The weather really turned it on for the day getting up to 28-degrees, making the pool even more enticing.

Swimming Sports is the first of Hillmorton High School’s full school sporting events and will be one of the highlights of the year.  It brings together everyone to celebrate their house spirit, pride, the achievement and participation of those on the day.  It was great to see and share the day with so many of our families and parents who came out for the event. 

A particular highlight of the day is the house relays, width races and of course, the staff verses student relay race! 

There was a lot to celebrate on the day, whether winning races, competing in all the events or being a spectator.   The champions for Swimming Sports 2019 are:

Year 7 Boys Champion: Logan Smith 

Year 7 Girls Champion: Niamh Ellison 

Year 8 Boys Champion: Matt Cleverly 

Year 8 Girls Champion: Mihana Hof 

Under 14 Boys Champion: Lochie Ellison 

Under 14 Girls Champion: Sarah Cameron 

Junior Boys Champion: Blake Cross 

Junior Girls Champion: Mackenzie Buchanan 

Intermediate Boys Champion: Amos Lochhead 

Intermediate Girls Champion: Francesca Damiano 

Senior Boys Champion: Jimmy Hemera 

Senior Girls Champion: Alisha Bedggood 

We, unfortunately missed out on seeing our internationally attested swimming brother-duo, Ieuan and Celyn Edwards swim and break records as they were overseas competing in swimming events in Australia, however, we are excited to be taking the successful brothers, along with five of our school age group champions to the Canterbury Swimming Championships on the 5th April. Congratulations to all swimmers for qualifying and good luck for your races. 

– Gabby Thomas 

By Gabby Thomas


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