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About Level One (L1) NCEA

L1 NCEA is usually completed during Year 11.

You must achieve 80 or more L1 credits to gain L1 NCEA.

Three subjects are compulsory: English, Mathematics and Science (you must do them).

You can choose three subjects. Spend time going through the Level 1 Coursebook with a family member.

Some L1 courses have prerequisites that are required for course acceptance. Read carefully.

Some credits are ‘Internal’ – you achieve them by passing assessments during the year.

Some credits are ‘External’ – you achieve them by passing examinations at the end of the year.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO select L1 courses that you think will motivate you.

DO select courses that fit in with your career goals and/or interests.

DO select L1 courses that will help you gain acceptance into L2 courses. Check the L2 prerequisites!

DO consider the course contribution costs. Check course book.

DO email the contact teacher if you have questions about a course.

DON’T give up on a course just because you can’t afford it – email the contact teacher.

DON’T choose a course just because your friends are doing it.

DON’T choose a course just because you like the teacher.

DON’T chose a course just because you think the credits will be easy to get.

Level Two NCEA

Level Two NCEA  is usually completed during Year 12.

You must achieve 60 or more Level Two credits to gain Level Two NCEA.

One subject is compulsory: English

You can choose full year courses and semester courses.

Semester courses run for half a year. Two semester courses are the equivalent of 1 full year course.

You can choose five or six full year equivalent courses.

Level Two NCEA is widely regarded as the minimum qualification required by school leavers.

Achieving Level Two NCEA will extend your career opportunities beyond secondary school.

Universities take into account how well you do in Level Two NCEA when granting acceptance into tertiary courses.