Ellen is from Taiwan. She has been studying at Hillmorton for the past two years and shares her thoughts about her time with us.

My name is Ellen. I’ve been at Hillmorton High School for almost two years. Hillmorton is a nice school. 

I didn’t speak English at all before I came to New Zealand. It was quite hard for me to learn another language and to be in a totally different environment. However, people here at Hillmorton are passionate, kind and affable. They helped me to get used to the process and encouraged me. My teachers are always willing to help me to solve problems and teach me again and again with a lot of passion whenever I got confused in class.

I also made a group of friends at Hillmorton. They are friendly and welcoming. They help me to improve my English and spend time with me in school or even on the weekends. Not just learning from the school courses and the knowledge, we also learn things about culture and learn to be respectful to everyone in the world. At Hillmorton, there are many people who come from different cultures; from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania. I love to talk to people from different countries, discuss the differences between us, and learn different languages from them. 

I truly appreciate Hillmorton High School, it gives me such a good and relaxed learning environment. 

By Pam Hunt


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