Elizabeth Eckford flew in from the USA to speak to our History students. She was one of the Little Rock 9 who were the first African Americans to join the newly desegregated school.

This iconic photo from 1957 shows Elizabeth Eckford ignoring racist taunts on her way into Little Rock High on the first day of school after desegregation.  The nine students dealt with abuse from verbal tirades, bricks, mobs and much more every day.  They never retaliated as they would have been excluded. 

Elizabeth (now 77) talked to the students about her experiences in the Civil Rights Movement and how people who stood by and watched are harder to forgive than the ones who attacked her.

The other speakers were Dr Eurydice Stanley who spoke about racism in America today and issues with the policing system.  As well as US Consul General Katlyn Choe who spoke about women, being assertive and America today.

Thanks to Boys High for hosting the huge crowd and the New Zealand History Teachers Association for organising the event. 

By Geordie Dann


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