Koru games this year was an exciting year as it was the debut for Ultimate Frisbee. As an ultimate player myself this was an exciting announcement and I was eager to enter a team from the Hillmorton High School Year 7 and 8 cohort.

Tournament week rolled around and on the first morning I had 8 eager Year 7 and 8 students standing in front of me.  For most of these students it was their first time playing an official game of Ultimate.  We had two pool games that day which resulted in a win on our side for both games. This left the team buzzing with excitement and at that moment I knew they were hooked.

Day two we had four games to play.  We started the day off with a bang by gaining a win against Beckenham Primary School. Our second game for the day was against Darfield High School which we had versed the previous day. They ended up turning the tables and taking the win, but it was still a hard fought game and I can easily say the team left everything on the field.  This became our motto for the tournament no matter what the score was we were going to make sure we left everything on the field and put our all into the game.  We managed to turn it around in the second half of the day by taking another two wins against South Brighton who we had versed the day before and then we played Beckenham again.  We ended the second day with a sturdy position at the top of the table which the team was overjoyed about.

Day three: the day we had all been waiting for, the day of semi finals and finals.  Everyone was on high energy and excited for the first game of the day which was our semi final against South Brighton.  The final score of the game was 10 – 2 to Hillmorton High School.  That meant we had done it, we had made it to the finals.  They were excited not only for a shot at the top spot but also to verse Darfeild again who had become our extended teammates and friends.  Wow what a game it turned out to be, it was nerve racking, exciting, frustrating, hilarious and draining all at the same time.  I believe the position of the score changed at least 4 times but in the end Hillmorton High School pulled away and managed to take out the final with an 8 – 6 win over Darfield. Everyone was over the moon at the result and excited to receive their medals at the prize giving.  I am incredibly proud of the team and feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to coach them through this tournament. What an experience it has been for the students and me both and I hope the sport can continue at this school in the future.

Georgia Fogarty,

Year 7 and 8 Basecamp Teacher and Koru Games Ultimate Frisbee Coach

By Tracey Veale


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