Year 13 History teamed up with Year 12 Geography for an adventure in Mt Cook and Tekapo   This year in Level 3 History our topic was Sir Edmund Hillary.  As we had to do a research project about Hillary, we had a trip to Mount Cook as there is an whole museum about him in the Hermitage Hotel. The adventure started on a Tuesday after school. With three vans, which included the Level 2 Geography girls and all the tents in the back, we drove off. Being stuck in a van for around 4 hours you get to know some of your classmates better which was a lot of fun.  After having a typical Kiwi tea, fish and chips, in Geraldine we drove up through the mountains straight into an amazing sunset. We arrived at the Glentanner Holiday Park when it was already dark but we still had to put up our tents which we shared in groups of three or four. The sun rose at around 7 am the next morning and woke us up. The night felt still freezing even with two blankets, and an apparently warm sleeping bag and wearing thermals. Like it is on a camp everyone was still half asleep while eating breakfast in the camping kitchen. After being more or less awake we drove to the Hermitage at Mt Cook. We were really lucky as the weather was amazing. We were always able to see Mt Cook with the very blue lake in front of it. In the Hermitage, a luxury hotel, hidden behind the souvenir shop was a small museum with a cinema all about mountaineering and Sir Edmund Hillary. There were not just sources to read but also snow vehicles to sit on and a big guest book to flip through. After seeing a documentary about Sir Edmund Hillary and a 3D movie we were able to go and enjoy the heat in the sun after the cold night. Not to forget to take heaps of pictures of us and the scenery. Back at the campground a lot of talking was going on, laying in the sun, playing football or rugby. Just the usual Year 13 socialising stuff which everyone enjoyed.  Everyone helped to create a delicious dinner of Burgers on the grill.  But not to forget, we did some work on our projects outside and into the night.  As it got cold quite fast everyone moved inside to the warm camping kitchen to play games. The next morning started earlier than the last one because we had to pack, have breakfast and put all the tents down and move into Tekapo. After spending two nights in Glentanner, we drove back up to Tekapo and did a scavenger hunt around the historical sites. We split off into five teams and were running around Tekapo for an hour and half looking for different historical sites to gather information to answer the questions given to us. After a morning of running around, we finally got to relax as we headed to the Tekapo hot pools before we drove back to Christchurch. On the drive back, we stopped at the infamous Fairlie Pie Shop to have amazing pies and hang out with the local kitten, which we almost brought back with us. Lia Gerber and Hannah Kraiger – students in Year 13 History By Geordie Dann

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