This year we are proud to have a XI aside Hockey competition at Hillmorton High School. This team is playing on Monday nights at Nga Puna Wai and Nunweek Park weekly. Their Coach Lisa Naylor is excited to see Hillmorton have an XI aside school team again.

The last time Hillmorton High School had an XI aside hockey team was in 2005, making this milestone very special. After having the last few years in 6-aside grades we have finally stepped up to the big league. 

This season they have had two losses, a draw and a win so far. “The team is really mixed in terms of gender and ability, ranging from players that have played from a young age to those just starting. This is good though, it means they learn from each other” says coach and teacher, Lisa Naylor. There are students at school, that play hockey for clubs but not always for school. The future goal within hockey at Hillmorton High School is to have both an 11 aside boys and girls team.

Carmen Street, middle school Assistant Principal, has been to this team’s games as support and teacher representative and comments, “I have only been with them a few times but what strikes me is that they are a positive and inclusive bunch of students. They are supportive of each other and there are some real leaders who step up to help and guide the others. Not many teams exist that have mixed gender and students ranging from Year 9 to Year 13! Mrs Naylor is working hard to ensure they get games and are able to play in the 11 aside category”. 

A huge thank you to both Mrs Naylor and Mrs Street for the huge support roles you have had in this team and your drive to make this happen. 

We are excited at the growing numbers and talent in hockey. This team will enjoy a well-deserved break over the summer, and some players will even come back for summer hockey in term 4 of this year. We look forward to doubling our numbers for the 2020 winter hockey season, getting closer to our goal of having both a male and female XI aside team.  

By Gabby Thomas


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