Ultimate frisbee is a growing sport and this year Hillmorton High School has been exploring and competing in this emerging sport each Wednesday.

Our newly formed Ultimate Frisbee team is competing each Wednesday down at Hagley Park. This is the first year Hillmorton High School has competed in this competition and in this sport.  Our new staff member, Year 7&8 teacher, Georgia Fogarty has come to Hillmorton High School with experience in this sport and her passion for the game has resulted in starting the sport here. 

The team are so enthusiastic about the sport and are interested in a youth tournament coming up on the 25 and 26 March 2019.

They are currently training after school on a Thursday and we are looking forward to having the team compete in a student vs teacher ultimate frisbee game during a lunchtime next week. 

The team have competed strongly in their weekly competition with a convincing win yesterday of 11-8. 

Watch this space for more Ultimate Frisbee fun from this team!

By Gabby Thomas


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