Hello Café is supported by Engineering New Zealand and Massey University, and delivered by Futureintech .

Hello Café 2018 is about supporting girls to deepen their learning and understanding of STEM subjects and the career opportunities available to them.

The Hello Café Programme is an exciting opportunity for girls aged 10 to 14 years to participate in creative problem-solving workshops and learn about engineering in a humanitarian/sustainable development context.

Six short hands-on workshops will cover:

● Global Goals for Sustainable Development – making a mud brick

● Disaster Proof Roads – focus on transportation engineering

● Clean Water for Life – making a water filter from simple materials

● Relief Shelter – design and modelling a shelter

● Trash to Treasure – transforming plastic bags into a useful product

● Power a Healthy World – making a simple solar powered light

These workshops link the United Nations Development Goals with the STEM curriculum. After participating in Hello Café, students will be able to discuss the key issues facing humanity and how technology can help.

Each workshop will be run by a female engineer who will make sure every girl gets the most out of the experience and leaves the sessions feeling empowered and inspired.

Today was workshop #1 and the selected girls had the opportunity to make some bricks and learn about sustainable building practices.

By Eleanor Sim


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