Paul Batty is a veteran who completed three tours of Vietnam. He came to speak to the senior history class about the conflict.

Havika McCort (holding the 105mm m14 shell) organised her whānau member Paul Batty to come speak to her class.  Year 12 History has been studying The Vietnam War and its consequences this term and was privileged to have first hands accounts from a NZ Veteran. 

Paul completed 3 tours between 1967 and 1973 once he was old enough to join the army.  He talked about being young and bulletproof and having no say on where he was sent in South East Asia, through to now being a pacifist and completely disillusioned with war and the role of military. 

His key messages to students were to stand up to governments and politicians if you really want change. Young people can change anything.

Thanks to Paul for giving up his time, being so honest and open with the students and opening their eyes to how real and recent this conflict was.