Year 12 Girls’ Self Defence course has been running over the last 2 weeks.

The Girls’ Self Defence programme is designed to teach girls basic physical and verbal techniques, reinforce assertion and boundary setting skills, and to offer age appropriate information about issues of abuse for children and young women.  A range of skills have been learnt and developed around:  

  • Attracting attention and giving clear messages
  • Self-esteem, including the impact of media images 
  • Gender stereotypes 
  • Dealing with fear and anger SAFE practice; including txt, pxt, internet and bullying 
  • Safety in relationships including healthy and unhealthy relationships 
  • Identifying an attacker 
  • Strong body language 
  • Victim attacker dynamics
  • Taking care of others (friends/siblings) 

All the girls participated fully and engaged in the course content.  Their reflection thoughts are evident of the importance and self confidence gained from the course: 

“This course has solidified for me that any kind of violence within a relationship is never okay” 

“It is my right to stand up for myself and do anything to protect me or another victim” 

“I know how to speak up for myself and not stay quiet even though I am shy” 

“This course made me feel powerful and confident” 

“The messages about assertiveness, taking control and healthy relationships is extremely valuable” 

A huge thank you to Lynda Maindonald at the Women’s Self Defence Network – Wahine Toa for running the courses for our Year 12 girls.