Rugby IS BACK…..AGAIN for the rest of the season!!! BUT there are strict expectations for the next 2 weeks at least for our games. If we do not get this right there will unlikely be Rugby for the rest of the season.

Expectations are as follows:

  • No spectators are allowed, only players, coaches, managers and other registered staff to attend
  • Drop off your child and pick them up after the game outside the coned area.  Please do not stay in the car parks,  pick up your player after the game and leave as soon as possible
  • Players must bring their own bottles for the game
  • Changing rooms will not be opened for use, except for the use of the toilets. 

There are going to be Hillmorton High School marshals at the field controlling and monitoring the event.  If they ask you to do something please follow it without questioning.  IF you have any concerns on the day, please see them.

Any additional queries please email:

Sam Janssen – Teacher in charge of Rugby

Lewy Clarke – Rugby Administrator

Matt Sharr – Director of Sport