Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is proposing improvements to Halswell Road between Dunbars and Curletts Roads. Halswell Road is a State Highway and is a key public transport corridor which currently experiences significant travel delays during peak periods.

This project forms part of the New Zealand Upgrade Programme aiming to help manage growth in the south west areas of Christchurch by providing residents sustainable travel choices to the central city. It is looking at providing two bus lanes, in addition to the existing lanes, along this 2.5km section of Halswell Road. We will also investigate how we can operate these lanes and if other road users will have access to them.

The improvements aim to:

  • Achieve faster and more reliable travel times for buses along Halswell Road
  • Improve safety, comfort and convenience of getting to and from bus stops
  • Make bus stops accessible to all users
  • Make bus travel a mode of choice for commuters travelling to the city from the south west suburbs.

Have your say

We are seeking your feedback on how we can make Halswell Road (Dunbars to Curletts Road) better for buses using the corridor. We need your help to identify key features or issues that we need to be aware of on Halswell Road. This will help us find out what needs to be taken into consideration to ensure we get our improvements right.

Please provide your feedback by 5pm Friday, 4 December 2020. There is a freepost survey form attached to the project booklet, or you might prefer to provide to provide feedback via our digital feedback platform at www.nzta.govt.nz/sh75-halswell-road