Hillmorton High School teams finished, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 8th in the Engineering event

A robotic butterfly, a giant spider, a curious kiwi and a waddling penguin. These creatures were built and mechanised by teams of enthusiastic Year 7 & 8 students as part of their video entries into this engineering and problem solving contest.  Students needed to create a Robotic creature that could be a feature at a new Robotics Zoo.  There were 29 teams entered in the Christchurch South region, and only the top 10 teams are qualifying to go into the next round of live semi-finals.  We are ecstatic that the four Hillmorton teams that entered have taken up four of those coveted positions.
The live semi-final rounds will be held in the traditional pre-covid format, where teams will compete for 2.5 hours to complete as many of the technology challenges as they can to earn points and potentially a place in the finals.
Congratulations to all the students involved, and we wish you all the best for the upcoming semi-finals on September 2. 

First Place Winners – Butterfly with flapping wings – Lida Adeli, Erin Mathew, Tanesha Chand, Arleana Woo 

Second Place Winners – Spider with alternating moving legs – Cameron Bartram, Cameron Price, Alex Gray, Logan Smith 

Fourth Place Winners – Kiwi with moving head – Aaryan Patel, Annabel Lowe, Niamh MacDonald, Ben Jamieson 

Eighth Place Winners – Penguin with waddling legs and wings – Lewis Crayford, Jomry Glifonea & Alexander Dyhrberg