New Zealand’s favourite Neuroscience Educator (and host of the documentary “All in the Mind”, and co-host of the TV Series “The Secret life of Girls”) is coming to Cashmere High School for one of his sell-out talks about brain development from childhood to adulthood on Monday 2nd November 2020 – 7.30 pm -9.00 pm

“Anxiety and Trauma”

Many parents are concerned about the impact of events such as COVID19 on their child’s development. This talk aims to address these concerns.

The three most important factors in mitigating the effects of anxiety and depression are: relationships, relationships, relationships!

In this talk, Nathan discusses the fact that both genes and environment play a part in the likelihood of a child experiencing a level of anxiety that causes concern. There are many risk and resiliency factors that can be looked at when considering the appropriate way to respond to maximise your child’s positive outcomes. If a child suffers a trauma or has several risk factors (e.g. living with domestic violence) you can mitigate the negative effects of this by increasing a child’s resiliency factors.

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