Organised by a team of Social Enterprise students, 23 keen minecraft players took over the school computer labs to determine who will be the last person standing in a Hunger Games style competition.

As part of their Social Action plan, John Hunter, Jerry Tan, Matthew Hewson and Mason Youngman have drawn on their strengths and interests to raise funds for the local St Johns Ambulance Service. The tournament involves students exploring a minecraft world to gather resources, and avoid being attacked by other players. Eventually all players will end up in the final arena where the last person standing will be declared the champion and win the $20 EB Games voucher. Overall the team has raised about $60. They plan to support the Ambulance service by providing some staples for the shared pantry used by volunteers on call. Congratulations to Conner Lee (winner) and Sean De La Cruz (runner up) who have won the prizes and prestige for being the last people standing.