On Thursday 25 February a group of students visited the Riverside Markets in the city to learn about different dishes and where in the world they come from.

Following are some of our student quotes from the day:

“The riverside market was a great experience and an amazing learning opportunity.”

“Riverside market offers different varieties of food that come from all over the world.”

“We went there to learn about different dishes and where they originated from.”

“We learnt about culture, foods and cuisine.”

“We explored different food cultures and were able to identify different countries cuisine”

“We went to the market to see how many different cultures NZ embraces. I enjoyed (eating) the food.”

‘At riverside market you can see food from different cultures. I learnt there are a lot of foods that you can try, to try new things and I enjoyed learning new things”

“I enjoyed learning about where the different types of food are from.”

“I enjoyed going to town with my friends.”

“At riverside market you can see lots of food from different cultures together, I learnt that different cultures do stuff differently in their own unique way.”

“I never knew how many different cultural foods are at Riverside. I enjoyed getting food” 

A really enjoyable trip for all.