Best game of the season!

On Monday afternoon the Hillmorton Tigers faced off Darfield High School at Nunweek Park.  The strong start from Darfield caught us off guard and had scored within the first minute.  Another attack came soon after with Darfield up by 2 points in as many minutes.  Following this, the Hillmorton girls stepped up and played the best defense of the season.  They got used to the hard hits and fast play and held the score at 2-0 for the first half and most of the second half.  Player of the match, on the Hillmorton side was Goal Keeper, Mia Marais who saved over 15 shots on goal.  Darfield grew frustrated as they couldn’t break the defense and many penalties came our way as Hillmorton continued to turn over possession of the ball.
In the last 5 mins Darfield scored the final goal of the match, taking the win 3-0. Well done to both teams for a great game!