Hillmorton Fight for First Win Against Christchurch Boys High School

Starting Line Up: Wen, Rowan, Andre, Jack, Yuma, Tim, Cam, Azriel, Brad, Shoei, Patrick

Subs: Stuart, Andrew, Mnase, Connor, Joren

On the 12th of August, our first eleven football team fought for a historic victory against Christchurch Boys High School, winning the game by a narrow margin of 1-0 at CFC in the late afternoon.

The previous week, the team had been forced to default the game due to many absences for a camp against Burnside and being unable to arrange another day for the game. This fired the boys up, and this was our opportunity to claim our first victory of the season, against Christchurch Boys High School, that in Hillmorton’s history we have never beaten in football.

Our first and only goal against them came in the first half after the goalkeeper had claimed the ball outside of the box, on the right side of it. Naturally, Cameron Rean stepped up to take the freekick, which was on a very hard angle and was hardly a clear goal scoring chance. Cameron, who is traditionally a right footed player decided to take the freekick with his left foot, and with pure power blasted it over the keeper into the far left top corner.

After that goal, it was all about defensive stability and work ethic. Boys High pushed us into our own half, committing many men forward in order to press and box us in. A few times however, we managed to break through the press with Patrick, Cameron, and Bradley.

A real talking point of this game though, is the hard work and determination of our back line, Yuma, Jack, Andre, and Rowan. Many times, we were caught out, and all of them showed real desire and commitment to recover the ball and often frustrated the opposition enough for them to attempt fouls. A clear trait of our team this season has been work ethic and dedication, making up for what we lack in pure determination and drive to succeed as a team in this division. 

Written by Azriel Taylor

Photography by Tyson Collins