Hillmorton High School Experience Unfortunate 4-0 Loss Against Shirley Boys

Starting Line Up: Wen, Tim, Jack, Andre, Yuma, Andrew, Cam, Azriel, Brad, Shoei, Patrick

Substitutes: Mnase, Jamie, Connor, Stuart, Braeden

Man of The Match: Azriel Taylor

On the 20th of August, our Hillmorton Football First XI experienced a 4-0 loss against Shirley following our win against Christchurch Boys High School.

It was an interesting match up right from the start, with Shirley only being one point above us in our pool table, it was our chance to get above them in the table, but unfortunately, we were unable to take the chance.

The game started off with an unfortunate mistake which began the scoring at 1-0, but we encouraged each other and kept our heads up trying to score one back. We limited their options quite well at first, with the entire team putting in a big running shift to shut down their many options. They did well in this regard, they committed many players forward to provide a lot of passing lanes. To counter this, we had to do a lot of lateral running as a team, as they moved the ball from side to side, and often tried to surprise us through the middle.

A big talking point of the game is the way that they gambled a lot by committing so many players forwards. A large reason as to why we had limited chances is that they took a gamble by employing a pressing tactic, where as soon as they lost the ball they tried to win it back straight away, rather than sitting back and regathering as a team. There were periods of the game, however, where we held quality possession, where our midfield players dropped back to create triangular passing lanes with our defenders, and our goalkeeper Wen Seng was also involved in these periods of possession.

To concede three more goals, felt unfortunate, however the Shirley team deserved the win, and we wish them the best for the rest of the season. We face Riccarton First XI next week in a crossover friendly, whom we beat 4-3 last time we faced them.

Written by Azriel Taylor, Year 13

Photos by Tyson Collins