60 Biology and Geography students headed to Banks Peninsula for some experiential learning.

Y12 Biology students spent the camp studying transects of the rocky shores to analyse the makeup of life in the different tidal zones. They looked at a site every metre and had to identify numbers or percentage coverage of each organism.

Y13 Biology conducted a scientific study of stream ecology at multiple sites to try and explain where macroinvertebrates live and what specific factors determine number and variety. They took into account pH, light, vegetation, turbidity, depth, velocity and many more factors. The macroinvertebrate data can also be used to indicate stream & water quality.

Y13 Geography students went to 4 different sites of the beach to assess coastal processes. They were trying to understand how wave velocity impacts on the deposition of differing sizes of sediment. They also had to run tests to analyse longshore transport, wave refraction and wind direction.

The camp was another huge success, with plenty of work, hands on learning and great weather. 

Photos from Izac, Jakob, Georgia, Mr Dann and Kerr.