Four Hillmorton Year 7 and 8 teams participated in the EPro8 Semi-Finals held this month

With only 10 places offered to Christchurch South schools, to have 4 teams in a semi-final was an amazing feat. The engineering challenges had teams creating autonomous shopping trolleys, exciting roller coasters, and a Sun for Maui to capture. The teams demonstrated resilience and problem solving skills as they completed the set tasks. Whilst our teams did not earn a place in the finals, they represented our school with mana. 

Congratulations to the following students: 

Hillmorton Hammers (6th Place): Cameron Bartram, Alex Gray, Cameron Price, Logan Smith 

Hillmorton Hoiho (9th Place): Lucas Andrew, Lewis Crayford, Alexander Dyhrberg, Jomry Glifonea 

KAOS GALS & Alex (11th Place): Tanisha Chand, Erin Mathew, Alex Sharr, Arleana 

NAAB (12th Place): Ben Jamieson, Annabel Lowe, Niamh McDonald, Aaryan Patel