EVolocity is a national secondary schools’ competition which sees teams of young men and women race their own specially designed and built electric vehicles at various locations throughout the country this coming November

This is the second time that Hillmorton has entered, with three teams involved this year. The teams are working on three very different designs, with team Low Racer, team Steampunk and team Train.

During the holidays four of our students completed a day long welding course at ARA and then last week we had the second build day, where the controller circuit boards that we have been assembling were tested and calibrated for their teams’ throttle.

This bit of electronic wizardry is how the speed of the motor (and thus the vehicle) is controlled.  A second circuit board still under construction will be used to send vital data such as current draw and battery temperature to the pit crews on race day in real time.

If you would like to learn more about EVolocity, visit the website www.evolocity.co.nz