On the 24 August, class 10H went into the Christchurch City Centre to visit the Christchurch City Council (CCC).

Our educator Ceilia took us into the function room where we talked about 4 key components of a good city; Liveable City, Healthy Environment, Strong Communities and Prosperous Economy.  We met with experts at the Council and learnt about recreational areas of the city.  We looked into how many people are in the council, how many departments and what the council is doing to make Christchurch the best it can be.  In groups we then did a budgeting activity with realistic budgets and events in our city, we each shared back to the group and held discussions around these.  Lastly, Ceilia took us into the room where Councillors have debates and make decisions.  Overall, 10H’s trip to the council was a fun educational experience that we can learn from.  Thank you Christchurch City Council for having us!!

Charlotte Koers