This afternoon I had the pleasure of accompanying 10 of our Year 7s to the Be Inspired Leadership Conference at Christ’s College.

Jomry Gilfonea, Rubybelle Ferguson, Sasha Begg, Jabez Afualo, Logan Hargrove, Joshua Thielmann, Kenny Lafituanai, Elsie Bond, Wenbo Fan and Peter Bataq.

Every year they invite schools to bring 10 aspiring leaders and they have an inspiring speaker, and a bunch of workshops. This year the speaker was Sam the leader of the student volunteer army.  From his talk, the students found out that leaders don’t all have the same qualities. It’s not just the loud and decisive ones who are the leaders.

There were 5 main strengths: vision, plan, promote, do and review.  You can have one or a few strengths, and together with others you can combine strengths. So I thought that was really important to take away and remind our students that just because they aren’t loud and confident doesn’t mean they aren’t a leader and can’t inspire change. Real change comes from different people working together.

Image by: Tracey Veale

The students really got a lot out of the day. Most started the afternoon a little reluctant to talk to students from other schools but by the end of the day you could see they really came out of their shell. It’s good to know that we have some excellent leaders coming through the school and hopefully they came away feeling inspired!