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Qigong (pronounced ‘Chi Kung’), is an ancient Chinese exercise that uses movement , mind and Qi (life force or energy).

Related to Tai Chi, it has a focus on improving health and life.  In this course you will learn gentle exercises to guide the mind to draw in and replenish Qi.  The movements increase flexibility, balance and coordination, the Qi heals and energises, and the whole activity brings deep relaxation and a calm and focused mind.  We will also explore the nature of Qi and how to harness this energy in everyday life. Suitable for any level of fitness.  Wear comfortable clothing.

Dates: 29 Jul – 16 Sep 2019
Day: Monday
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Course length: 8 weeks
Course fee: $85
Venue: The Whare, Hillmorton High School
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