Following their first place in our local premier competition and first place at the South Island tournament, our boys went on to Nationals, heading into the final undefeated. They played against Stratford High, North Island Champs. 

In 2016 our boys went to Nationals for the first time and came 10th from 10 teams. This year, following a hard early morning training programme with coach (Canterbury RAMS and international player) Marques Whippy they took out first place here at home, first place at the South Island  tournament and went on to Nationals this week. 

They played superbly well, winning every game taking them through to the semi final which they also won 74-62. In the final, last evening, against the tall team from Stratford High School, our team were outplayed in the second and third quarters leaving them 20 points behind going into the final quarter.

They then, with great heart, made a remarkable come back and with just two minutes to go we were just three points behind at 67-70. Sadly, victory was not ours this year, with a final score of Hillmorton 72, Stratford 77.

We are extremely proud of our boys gaining second place in just their second National tournament. Congratulations to Ihaia Kendrew and Josh Nickel who made the tournament team. We think Mahonri Tauiliili-Pau should also  have made that team!

Many thanks to coach, Marques Whippy, team manager, Andrea Kendrew and all our many supporters.

By Jo Fitzgerald

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